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Part outdoor blog, part travel blog, the adventure blog Atlas Calling was created with the belief that getting outside and exploring in nature helps people to become their happiest selves.  

Atlas Calling was created with the focus being on the adventures you take and the people you meet along your journey. I know that getting involved in the outdoors and traveling can be overwhelming. Atlas Calling is here to  help you along the way. From scaling cliffs to exploring new music festivals to shredding down the mountains, this blog is place for women, and everyone, who love adventure! So as you go in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire, follow me on my own journey as I explore the world, one adventure at a time.

From gear reviews to adventure travel tips to destinations around the world, Atlas Calling shares it all. If you need more guidance, be sure to check out my travel coaching and consulting services to help plan your next adventure or get the encouragement to find a new one. 

I want to encourage you to adventure outside more so be sure to connect with me through the Year of Adventure Challenge, where we take 52 adventures. The catch, you just have to adventure outside! 

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