Gutting and Other Stuff: Days One Through Four

So after months of looking for the right van, Brad and I finally found one! We both wanted to convert a van but neither of us had found the time. Thing have finally fallen into place and so here we are! Our budget wasn’t very high so looking for a van was pretty difficult, but we finally found this one. Name: TBD. The first step after getting it looked at and making sure it was mechanically sound, we did this before buying, is gutting the entire thing. 

It has a lot of work in it that unfortunately won’t suit us so we are taking apart most of the inside. It already had some nice stuff done to it, so it hurt to take it down. But we need to insulate it and run wires through so there it went. Our biggest hurdle is going to be getting the massive wheelchair lift out of the back. It weighs over 300 pounds and is very bulky. So we are not quite sure what to do with it once we have it out of the car. So far we have taken off the paneling and started to remove the metal grates on the floor. Thankfully most of the seats were already removed in the back, so we won’t have to worry about those! 

Ugh. Look at that lift. That is on our agenda for the upcoming days, along with patching the rust up outside and finish removing all paneling and flooring. After that we plan on insulating it and wiring it so we have power. As I work on my laptop and take a lot of pictures for the blog, power is unfortunately a necessity. 


I will be posting videos as we convert the van on my YouTube channel. So make sure to go subscribe if you need some van ideas! 

If you want to know how much doing this costs, be sure to check out my total price list for everything that has gone into converting the van here!

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