How to get into the Roman Colosseum without waiting in a long line

How to get into the Roman Colosseum without waiting in a long line


The Roman Colosseum sees nearly 5 million tourists a year, making it an average of almost 14,000 visitors per day. This number does not take into account the fluctuation of tourists during peak season. This makes for long lines during the day as tens of thousands of people try to see this world famous landmark. 

So how do you avoid waiting in the hours long line to buy the tickets to get in? There are a few ways. 

1. Go Early in the Morning

I am sure you probably expected to hear this, but lining up a little bit before the Colosseum opens to get tickets can sometimes get you ahead of the other tourists. It opens at 8:30 in the morning so be sure to get there and in line around 8 if you want to try to avoid crowds. Another option is to try to get tickets in the evening right before close. Sometimes the crowds have died down by then, but you also don’t get the opportunity to stay as long as you would like. 

2. Buy Tickets online

If you want to avoid the line completely, you can buy the tickets online. There is a small fee for buying them online. Regular tickets cost 12 euros. Buying them online costs 14 euros. So if you don’t want to stand in the sun all day, buying them for only 2 euros more definitely makes it worth it. 

3. Go in the off season

Another option is to visit Rome and the Colosseum in the off season. The peak season starts in mid-June and goes through to August and sees the highest amount of people during this time period. Go during the shoulder seasons, April through mid-June, and September through October, to avoid bigger crowds. Better yet, November through March will see the least amount of people visiting the Colosseum. 

4. Buy at the Roman Forum

This is what I did and was my favorite way of buying tickets. I had an archaeology card at the time and was able to get in cheaper to sites so I had to buy in person. Going through the Roman Forum, I waited maybe five minuted mid day in peak tourist season. From there I got to explore the Forum before heading over the Colosseum. I only had to wait in the admission line for ten or fifteen minutes in the early afternoon to see the Colosseum. It was hassle free and did not require online reservations. 

Which way did you use to see the Colosseum? Any other places you’ve found have easier entrances than the main one? Let me know in the comments! 


Danielle an avid adventurer and traveler. She graduated from the University of Colorado, Boulder with a degree in anthropology and classical archaeology. She has worked most recently as a ski and snowboard instructor in her native state of Colorado. When she doesn't have skis or a board strapped to her feet, she enjoy hiking, mountaineering, trail running, climbing, and backpacking. She loves to read and is currently working on her first novel. She also dabbles in photography and plays the piano and the drums in her free time.

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