Wine With Wanderlust Episode One: Colorado

Wine With Wanderlust Episode One: Colorado

Do you like wine? What about travel? Podcasts? If you answered yes to any of those questions then we have some great news for you! For the next one hundred year only, will you be able to listen to our podcast free of charge! Yes you heard correctly, free of charge! And for only an additional 45 minutes of your time, we will throw in tips and tricks for your next trip to Colorado. And if you listen today, you’ll get to play a free game with us! But hurry offer ends soon. You have until January 29th 2118 to claim this offer! Those one hundred years will be up soon so act fast to join us in our bimonthly podcast Wine With Wanderlust. 

Terms and Conditions apply. You must be a travel enthusiast, wine enthusiast, podcast enthusiast, or human to listen to this podcast. 

So act now and use our link to claim your free lifetime listening to Wine With Wanderlust! It is available through our website for download, through sound cloud, and through YouTube for the usually live video. (Thanks to some technical difficulties, the Colorado Episode is audio and picture only through YouTube. We promise to have the issues resolved and the live video accessible through YouTube starting on our special birthday podcast.)

Download here! 

Stream with Sound Cloud Link: 

Wine With Wanderlust Episode One: Colorado

All kidding aside, take a listen and let us know what you think! If you like it, we’d love it if you shared it. Seriously, we might propose marriage.  Make sure to email us at with your name and answer to the trivia question to be entered in our Trivia Game competition. Person with the most correct answers at the end of ten episode will win a prize! 

If you liked the podcast, then stay tuned for our special birthday podcast, released February 5th, and tune in on February 12th for our Spain podcast to see if your answer was correct. You must turn in you answer to the Colorado podcast by Feb 11th to receive points for this round of trivia! Make sure to check out our full schedule to see when all the upcoming podcasts will be released. We have some fun in store for you! So get ready and get excited! 


Danielle an avid adventurer and traveler. She graduated from the University of Colorado, Boulder with a degree in anthropology and classical archaeology. She has worked most recently as a ski and snowboard instructor in her native state of Colorado. When she doesn't have skis or a board strapped to her feet, she enjoy hiking, mountaineering, trail running, climbing, and backpacking. She loves to read and is currently working on her first novel. She also dabbles in photography and plays the piano and the drums in her free time.

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