Planning for the Greater Continental Divide Trail

Planning for the Greater Continental Divide Trail


What is the Greater Continental Divide Trail you may be asking? A Google Search won’t get you the answer you are looking for. It might come up with the CDT (Continental Divide Trail) or the GDT (Great Divide Trail) or even a map of waterways. All of these are partially correct, but it is not the entirety of what I am talking about. 

If you read my earlier Bucket List Post, you may remember me mentioning it under the list of long distance trails and backpacking trails I want to complete.

What I eventually want to do is hike, ski, canoe, and potentially bike beginning in Alaska through to Argentina. This is a massive project of which I do not know how many people have actually attempted this. It will be combining many big long distance hikes such as the Great Divide Trail, the Continental Divide Trail, the Trans Panama Trail, and the Greater Patagonia Trail. What is left in between I do not yet know.

Map from National Atlas of the United States | CC Public Domain

The red line shows the continental divide. The CDT follows this from the US/Canadian Border to the US/Mexican Border. I plan on following to the best of my ability the red line beginning in the top Alaska and ending at the tip in Argentina. 

I will be posting as I continue to explore trails and plan my route. While this trail is a good couple years out, after much saving and logistical planning, I hope to eventually start it three and a half years from now in 2021. 

Intrigued? Confused? Thinking I am crazy but wanting to know more?

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