Bucket List
Taken at sunset in late October 2015.

Bucket List

Bucket List

(Also known as a list of things to be completed before death)

By Danielle Maxey

A bucket list is a good idea to have as it gives you an idea of long term goals you might not normally complete. As I have well over a hundred on my list, I keep them sorted by theme for your perusal. While I hope to complete as many as possible I do recognize that completing all of them is very improbable, but who knows! I hope to complete at least three or four a year and will keep an updated list on what I have completed. As of December 2017, this is what I have left to do.

Travel Bucket List

  • See the Taj Mahal
  • See Petra
  • See Machu Pichu
  • Live in at least 10 different countries
  • Visit all the U.S. National Parks
  • Visit Banff in B.C., Canada
  • Visit all 50 states in the United States
  • Visit all Provinces and Territories in Canada
  • Visit all 198 Countries
  • Visit all 365 Countries and Territories as recognized by the CTT
  • Go to all seven Continents
  • Live in at least 20 different countries
  • Visit Ushuaia, Argentina
  • Do Yoga in India
  • See the Northern Lights
  • See the Southern Lights
  • See Three Total Solar Eclipses

Skill Bucket List

  • Learn to speak another language fluently
  • Learn to fly a plane
  • Learn to Scuba Dive
  • Learn to Sky Dive
  • Learn to play the guitar
  • Learn to Sail
  • Learn to Surf
  • Learn to ride a motorcycle
  • Learn White Water Kayaking
  • Learn how to Navigate via the stars
  • Learn how to give tattoos
  • Learn Parasailing
  • Learn Caving
  • Learn Cayoneering
  • Learn Astrophotography 
  • Learn Landscape photography
  • Learn to Shoot a Gun

Adventure Bucket List

  • Climb and Summit all 7 summits
  • Climb and Summit all mountains over 8000 meters
  • Climb Half Dome at Yosemite, C.A.
  • Go Base Jumping
  • Run A Marathon
  • Complete A Triathlon 
  • Climb Mount Asgard on Baffin Island 
  • Climb Tsaranoro in Madagascar 
  • Visit Trango Towers in Pakistan 
  • Hike in Patagonia 
  • Ski on every continent 
  • Ski every resort in Colorado
  • Summit all 14ers in Colorado
  • Summit all 13ers in Colorado
  • Ski a 14er
  • Go Heli Skiing
  • Go Ice Climbing
  • Climb Devil’s Tower

Backpacking Bucket List

  • Complete the Triple Crown of Thru Hiking (AT, PCT, and CDT)
  • Hike the Appalachian Trail (AT)
  • Hike the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT)
  • Hike the Continental Divide (CDT)
  • Do Ten Thru Hikes not including the Triple Crown.
  • Do the Greater Continental Divide Trail (From Alaska to Argentina) 
  • Thru Hike the Colorado Trail
  • Thru Hike the Sierra High Route
  • Thru Hike the Snowman Trek
  • Thru Hike the Greater Patagonian Trail
  • Thru Hike Great Himalaya Trail
  • Thru Hike the Grand Italian Trail
  • Thru Hike the Tokai Nature Trail
  • Thru Hike the GR10
  • Thru Hike the Rim of Africa
  • Thru Hike the Great Divide Trail
  • Thru Hike the E1 
  • Thru Hike the South West Coast Path
  • Thru Hike the Sir Samuel and Lady Florence Baker Trail
  • Thru Hike the Trans Panama Trail
  • Backpack the Alexander Mackenzie Heritage Trail
  • Backpack the Rideau Trail
  • Backpack the Canol Heritage Trail
  • Backpack Washahegan Trail 
  • Backpack the Sea to Sky Trail 
  • Backpack Itijjagiaq Trail
  • Backpack Boreal Trail
  • Backpack the Backdoor through Petra 
  • Backpack the Fitz Roy Trek
  • Backpack the Laugavegurinn Pass
  • Backpack the Tour du Mont Blanc
  • Backpack the Long Range Traverse 
  • Backpack Athabasca Pass
  • Backpack Akshayuk Pass
  • Backpack the Mountains of the Moon
  • Backpack the Caribou Tracks in Gate of the Arctic
  • Backpack the Overland Track 
  • Backpack the Tonquin Valley
  • Backpack the Chilkoot Trail
  • Backpack the Torres del Paine “W” Circuit
  • Backpack the Inca Trail
  • Backpack the Ancascocha  Trail
  • Backpack Dawson Overland Trail
  • Backpack Mystic Pass to Flint’s Park to Badger Pass
  • Backpack Liberty Lake Trail

Personal Bucket List

  • Write and Publish a Novel
  • Pay off Student Loans
  • Join the Peace Corps
  • Start my own business 
  • be in a movie/on television
  • Go vegetarian for a month
  • Go to Grad School 
  • Get my WFR
  • Get my AVY 1
  • Get my TEFL
  • Get paid for photography 

So as of December 2017, this is my bucket list of items that I have yet to complete. Make sure to subscribe as I will post updates on all my adventures as I finish them along with adding new things to my bucket list as I complete them.

Thanks for reading and Happy Travels!

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Danielle an avid adventurer and traveler. She graduated from the University of Colorado, Boulder with a degree in anthropology and classical archaeology. She has worked most recently as a ski and snowboard instructor in her native state of Colorado. When she doesn't have skis or a board strapped to her feet, she enjoy hiking, mountaineering, trail running, climbing, and backpacking. She loves to read and is currently working on her first novel. She also dabbles in photography and plays the piano and the drums in her free time.

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