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Atlas Calling is more than just another travel blog. It’s also an outdoor blog. It’s an adventure blog. An empowerment blog. An environmental blog. 

On Atlas Calling, you’ll find resources, guides, reports, and more about outdoor adventure travel.

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Hey! Welcome to Atlas Calling, your first stop to outdoor adventure travel. I’m Dani, and I first created Atlas Calling with the intention of sharing my travels around the world. The more I traveled the world, the more I realized that I didn’t want to just see new places, I wanted to really explore it. 

It can be really intimidating learning new skills in the outdoor world, so I have kept up with the blog in hopes of helping people embrace their fears about traveling, whether its boarding a plane to a new country, or climbing a peak to ski down it. 

And knowing how outdoor adventure travel affects the environment and culture, I decided I didn’t want to ignore such a huge impact to our world. 

Enjoy the site and want to collaborate or see more of my freelance work? Please go to the work with me page. 


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